Imagine a World . . .

Imagine what it would be like if you decided to be the best in the world. Now imagine what your team, your organization, and your community would be like if everyone decided to be the best—a world where every individual performed at their highest level.

You don’t have to simply imagine it.

It’s my intention that you discover how you can be the best in the world—and we create a world where every single person aims to be the best in the world at what they do no matter where they are right now or what they have or haven’t done so far. 

What Does It Take?

What does it take to be the best in the world?

I discovered that being the best in the world is not a result of having innate talent, being in the right place at the right time, having connections, good genes, or fanatical discipline.

That all helps, but none of these factors are essential.

In fact, it’s my observation that even if you only have a tiny glimpse of what you might do with the one little bit of talent you have, you have a greater chance to make it all the way than others who seem to have all the “advantages.”

I’ve seen so many people with talent stop before they made it to the top. They got stuck doing what came easily because being good felt good enough. I didn’t have that problem growing up because nobody thought I had much to offer. Nobody thought I was likely to succeed. Nobody had plans for me and I had no particular advantages.

I know from my own experience that’s a perfect place to start, if you want to be the best in the world. Your very lack of talent or popularity may be your greatest advantage.

In fact, your limitations may be what’s going to give you the ability to have the single pointed focus that will empower you to get to the top.

So, what does it take to be the best in the world?

I believe first and foremost what it takes to be the best in the world is a decision.

My life turned around when I made a handful of decisions. These 7 decisions took me from being the girl left behind to a two-time Olympian, winner of three World Cups, and being recognized as the best technical downhill ski racer in the world.

Today I travel the world sharing the decisions that took me from worst to first, decisions you must make to achieve genuine success. In my speech, How to be the Best in the World, I reveal what will make you great, why you must aim to be number one, and exactly what it takes to get there. I show organizations and individuals how to discover their awe-inspiring talent, achieve their highest aspirations, and take first place.

My Story

As the youngest of four, no matter what I did my older sisters were always way ahead of me. When it came to skiing, a family pastime for our New Hampshire clan, I was the worst.

At six, I participated in my first ski race and cried all the way down the hill. In high school, I joined Burke Mountain Academy, a year-round ski academy for young ski racers, where I overheard one of the coaches refer to me as a “bag of bolts”—not a compliment—my arms flailing as I skied down the hill, my body swaying uncontrollably round each turn.

That’s when I made a decision No. 1—Take one talent to the top. My talent was downhill skiing, the first of 7 decisions that resulted in me being invited to join the U.S. Ski Team and in 1982 being recognized as the best technical downhill skier in the world.

I represented the U.S. in the Winter Olympics in 1980 and 1984 and in the World Championships in 1982 and 1985 earning three World Cup wins, six podiums, and 27 top ten finishes.

Who I Work With

Today, I deliver my speech, How to be the Best in the World, to organizations and companies across the nation including Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceuticals, IBM, Kimberly-Clark and others.

This lively address is for individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses who want to gain focus, associate with the best, and create a niche in which you are uniquely qualified.

I’m talking about professionals who’ve achieved a certain level of success, but want more. I’m talking about you. I’ll show you how to do the 10th pull-up, experience beauty, tell victory stories, and to stop copying.

This presentation is for those who abhor average, for those ready to apply specific tactics to achieve targeted outcomes, for those willing to build on your dreams and pursue a meaningful mission—to be the best in the world.


I’m Holly Flanders, a full-time international speaker. Today my life isn’t about World Cup championships. It’s about world change, about sharing the 7 decisions critical to each of us fulfilling our destiny.

I stopped skiing professionally in 1986. For the next eight years I worked as Director of Skiing at Park City Ski Area, followed by three years as Director of Skiing and Mountain Biking at Wolf Mountain.

During the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, France I was an expert radio commentator for the Coca-Cola Olympic Radio Network. And for the remainder of the 1990s I worked as a TV commentator for CBS, ESPN, Turner Sports, and Golden Gate Productions. Even hosted my own TV show, “Flanders Afield,” on KTVX in Salt Lake City.

I live in Park City, Utah where I’m writing a book on how to be a peak performer in both business and life. I’m a mother of three, including Alex Schlopy, World Champion and X Games Gold Medalist in Slopestyle skiing.

Associate With the Best

In my family, my sister, Deb, was the golden girl. As a teen, she was a promising skier on the international ski racing circuit. Then, at eighteen, during a race in Vermont, she broke her leg and ended her racing career.

Intuitively, I made the decision No. 2—Associate with the best. I asked my sister to become my coach. Thereafter, the sister with all the natural talent transformed into a mentor and teacher. The sister without any obvious ability—me—went on to a successful racing career.

Early on, she encouraged me to participate in transonic wind tunnel testing to improve the aerodynamics of my racing position. After which I shaved fractions of a second off my race times.

With my sister Deb at my side, I achieved far more than I ever could have alone.

Meeting Planners

I’ve introduced decisions No. 1 and No. 2. I could do the same for the remaining five decisions, but I promised to keep this appeal as short as possible. Instead, invite me to your next gathering or event and let me stand in front of the room and share my story, How to be the Best in the World.

You’ve never heard a speech like it.

Laurie Summers

“Holly Flanders is a positive and motivating speaker. As a result of her presentation, I’m committed to focus on my talent and aim high . Thanks for paying the positive forward.”

Laurie SummersSocial Chair, Rotary Club of Millcreek
Barbara Lester, LCSW

“Holly’s speech was inspirational. I have since thought long and hard what I need to do to be the best in the world.”

Barbara Lester, LCSWCoordinator, Intermountain Healthcare
Scot Bergeron

“I was inspired by Holly. Not only in ways that will help my career, but also my personal life.”

Scot BergeronPresident, Columbia Drones
Francis (Frank) Xavier Lilly

“Holly was engaging, inspiring, and relatable. The most important idea I learned was how to commit time to achieve your aspirations.”

Francis (Frank) Xavier LillyDeputy Director, South Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce

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